About us

About Us

If you think one single lawyer won’t be able to handle all the legal issues and dilemmas you may encounter, you are right. Whether you run a company or deal with personal legal matters, two or more heads are better than one.

Are you interested in complete legal outsourcing to save space in your office, year-end bonuses and insurance? Or do you need legal due diligence and qualified legal opinions from a team of lawyers regarding civil, administrative and commercial matters? Maybe you are in need of legal compliance or a representation at a court which we see as the last resort? Then you need us – Justice League, a Tbilisi-based law firm.

We will assign you an account manager for day-to-day operations, but what you get is the whole team of lawyers and, if needed, a partner financial advisor (www.numbers.ge). Our lawyers specialize in their own practice areas but they cooperate on each case, bringing their expertise to the table. This leads to the best and individually- tailored decisions for your legal dilemmas. Everyone is responsible – we listen, think and win.

In addition, we offer honest and clear communication giving you the tools necessary to make informed decisions. This includes incorporating modern technologies in our service to make it more flexible and adjusted to your needs.

Dito Khvichia
Managing Partner
Dito Khvichia
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